GetHealthie is our all-in-one practice management and telehealth platform that creates a personalized experience for our clients to monitor, track and adjust their journey to optimal health. GetHealthie allows a flow of communication so our doctors and wellness coaches can support clients with feedback and continuing education.

Become involved in the long-term success of achieving your health goals by utilizing the following GetHealthie features: 

  • Photograph meals, journal, take selfies, and log workouts

  • Track data like weight, body composition, BMI/BMR, and more

  • Sync activity data from wearables like Fitbit

  • Set short- and long-term goals and track progress

Some of the features include:

  • Record video content and share with clients

  • Host group educational sessions or webinars for clients to participate in 

  • Share documents with clients, including meal plans, recipes and handouts

  • Measure client education, engagement, and outcomes

  • Share personalized videos and quizzes with clients 

  • Provide feedback on clients' photo food logs, journals, and activities

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