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NEXUS Wellness Collective at Albany has created dynamic partnerships with some of the industry’s leading local and international physicians, therapists and trainers. We are proud to introduce our team of health and wellness professionals to members, residents and guests of Albany.

Dr. Jeoffrey Drobot

Diagnostics and Biotherapies

Dr. Drobot is a leading authority in the fields of European Biological Medicine, chronic and autoimmune disease treatments, detoxification, hormonal imbalance correction and customized sports medicine and nutrition programs. He is one of the founders and medical directors of the American Center for Biological Medicine, and now brings his medical expertise and compassionate care to NEXUS Wellness Collective.

Dr. Darius Bain


Dr. Darius Bain earned his medical degree at the Medical University of the Americas, in San Pedro, Belize, and completed his training with honors at Xavier University School of Medicine in Oranjestad, Aruba, with clinical years training through Emory Crawford-Long and Tenet Healthcare system in Atlanta, Georgia. Currently, Dr. Bain practices Family Medicine at Live Well Family Health Center in Nassau, where the focus is patient education and lifestyle intervention.

Dr. Graham Cates

Acute Medical Care

Dr. Graham Cates earned a bachelor of science in biology from Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia in 1991 and continued his education at The University of West Indies in Trinidad, graduating as a medical doctor. He then pursued specialty training in Family Medicine in England and in 2003 he returned to The Bahamas and established the Family Medicine Center. The Family Medicine Center is committed to a holistic approach to providing health care for the entire family.

Dr. Yaisel Kerr

Wellness Technician

Yaisel Kerr, M.D. is a Medical Doctor and joins our team as the Wellness Technician. Her experience in the medical field includes Emergency Room Care, IV and Intramuscular medication administration, suturing and intubation, basic life support and prenatal care. Dr. Kerr’s primary role prior to her responsibilities here at NEXUS Wellness Collective was as the lead Physician in a Family Clinic addressing a range of medical and health situations.

Dr. Stephen “T” Truszkowski

Chiropractic and Mind

and Body Therapies

Dr. “T” is a Canadian-trained sports chiropractor, medical acupuncturist and manual therapist. Relying on detailed knowledge of anatomy, biomechanics and pathology, Dr. “T” uses a movement-based approach to the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal injuries and conditions.

Christine Carey

Wellness Director and Life Coach

Christine Carey, Albany’s Wellness Director and Life Coach, is board certified through the American Academy of Drugless Practitioners. Christine specializes in treating the body and mind, by incorporating eastern and western healing techniques, coaching, counseling and educational programs.

Mike Tormey

Director of Fitness

Albany’s Director of Fitness, Mike Tormey, is a certified personal trainer with years of experience in various areas of fitness and wellness. Specializing in Strength and Conditioning, Mixed Martial Arts, CrossFit, and Boxing and Kickboxing, Mike offers innovative sport-specific training that is personalized to each individual’s needs and overall goals.

Chef Oliver Stephens

Diet and Nutrition

Director of Culinary for NEXUS Luxury Collection and Albany’s Executive Resort Chef, Oliver Stephens is a British chef who has worked in some of the world’s most renowned restaurants and resorts, including Noma, Hôtel de Crillon, Restaurant Guy Savoy, L’Astrance, Roussillon and Gordon Ramsay’s Hospital Road.

Monika Grant

Senior Therapist

Monika Grant is a Senior Therapist at The Spa at Albany. She is a graduate of The Florida College of Natural Health, a Certified Aesthetician, Massage Therapist, Electrologist and Nail Technician and has been an employee with the company for over seven years.

Rochelle Deal

Lead Therapist

Rochelle Deal is the Lead Therapist at The Spa at Albany and prides herself on being the embodiment of her art. Holding many titles in the field from lead therapist and business owner to team player, she believes in selling an experience that incorporates one’s body, mind and soul.

Janine Carey

Yoga, Meditation and Nutrition

Janine is a Certified Yoga Instructor, Health Coach and Owner and Manager of Liquid Nutrition Bahamas. Janine teaches her clients how to increase their flexibility, strength, focus and bodymind awareness through her innovative approach to Yoga. Janine also offers nutrition courses and health talks providing dynamic information on how to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle that is easy and enjoyable.

Candice Burrows

Nutrition and Product Education

Candice is an integral member of NEXUS Wellness Collective, with a background in organic, vegan and health-conscious cuisine. Her experience in hospitality, working at Hilton Head in South Carolina and at One & Only Ocean Club in Nassau, has enabled her to serve as a successful client liaison. She also leads the development of NEXUS Wellness Collective’s full line of products and resources.

Andrea Sands

ReBoot Product Manager

Originally from The Bahamas, Andrea received a Bachelor’s degree in hospitality management from the University of Houston. Her high energy and aspirations led her to pursue a career at Albany. After working in many roles at Albany, she found her place leading NEXUS Wellness Collective’s ReBoot program, working with guests to ensure they get the most out of ReBoot’s life changing experience.

Caroline Kiriaze

Fitness and Nutrition

Caroline has a bachelor of science in exercise and sports science and received her personal training certification from the American College of Sports Medicine. Although she is also a certified spin and TRX instructor, Caroline specializes in strength and conditioning and high intensity interval training (HIIT).

Simon Frank

Fitness and Aquatics

Simon Frank is an ASCA level 2 and USMSmlevel 2 certified swim instructor, with a wealth of experience coaching swimmers of all levels and ages. Simon has led large-scale swimming programs ranging from 150-8,000+ swimmers.

Andrew Kahn

Fitness and Strength

Andrew has been a personal trainer since 2005. Certified in personal training, stability ball techniques and spinning, Andrew also specializes in nutrition and weight loss, is an Active Isolated Stretching Therapist and a CrossFit L1 trainer.

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